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When creating a new company, the proposed name of the company is only checked in that state. Therefore, a company name is only protected in the state where it is incorporated and in any state in which it is registered to do business. You can be a director, as well as a shareholder, of a US corporation is allowed without any kind of visa, but being an officer and performing your duties within the US is generally not allowed. Working for your corporation or LLC within the US without a valid work visa is not allowed.

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Whether you will need to obtain any special licenses for your service or product. From professional services to specialized products to restricted services , many business needs licenses or permits in order to trade. Once you know which state or states you will operate your business in, you can check with that state’s government to find out what licenses or permits may be required for your company’s activities. This website is for informational purposes only and does not provide legal advice. Please do not act or refrain from acting based on 秘書服務 read on this site.

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This step is accomplished by filing an application to enter the limited liability company into the Registry Court of NCR along with all required attachments. However depending on the agreement of the shareholders, it may also involve transferring real property rights onto the company or a movable property . Or signing the instrument of incorporation in case of single-shareholder limited liability company. Compete list of required documents shall be determined with company registration attorney.

I need help managing my state compliance.

UAE has become one of the prime destinations for businesses around the world due to its economic prosperity and availability of the highest standards in services and products. This entices every prominent firm as well as startups to establish themselves in UAE by forming a company in the Emirates. With the assistance of NSKT Global, businesses and startups can easily establish themselves in the Emirates, in a hassle-free manner. In order to open a bank account, hire employees or otherwise do business, you will need a Federal Employer tax identification number. The tax number is obtained by filing a form SS-4 with the Internal Revenue Service center for your district.

Company formation agents have direct links into Companies House, to look up the company name, and submit the company. Different agents have differences in their processes caused by their website and software implementation. Companies House have a list of company formation agents that have passed integration testing. Create your company’s initial ownership structure using our tool to generate stock issuance documents with standard terms used by many top startups. International business requires extra steps to meet country-specific corporate requirements. Our team makes filing easy by preparing or reviewing your documents, then delivering them worldwide.

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